Urine Culture, Complete

Urine Culture, Complete

CPT Code(s):

  • 87086

Test Component(s):

  • If culture is positive
  • CPT code(s): 87088(each isolate) will be added with an additional charge. Identification will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 87077 or 87140 or 87143 or 87147 or 87149). Antibiotic susceptibilities are only performed when appropriate (CPT code(s): 87181 or 87184 or 87185 or 87186).

Preferred Specimen:

4 mL random, clean catch, midstream urine collection in gray-top urine transport tube.

Special Instructions:

Fill to the line (4mL) indicated on the tube

Transport Container:

4 mL gray-top urine transport tube

Transport Temperature Name:

Preserved: Room temperature Unpreserved: Refrigerated (cold packs) only

Reject Criteria:

Preserved urine > 48 hours old. Unpreserved, not refrigerated urines. Urine tube not filled to minimum fill line. Foley Tips. Received frozen. Specimens from catheter bag. Urine in urinalysis transport rube. Requests for anaerobic culture. Expired transport devices. 24-Hour urine collections. Leaking samples. Swab. Uricult devices.

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