Revenue Cycle Compliance Plan

Genesis RCS Consulting was born because of the vast experience that we gained over these 15 years, handling all aspects of the revenue cycle, optimizing effectively for over 300 healthcare institutions and businesses alike. You do not need to change your billing team, just get a detailed assessment of your practice’s billing environment and overall financial health. 

Our RCS consulting team accesses and shares your billing platform and clearinghouse, coordinates with your billing team, reviews all financial data and reports to give you a comprehensive analysis of all key data, pain points, bad debts Is going to your business. Along with introducing optimization solutions.


Our assessments are customized to the customer’s needs and their particular situation over time, but may include:

CPT coding for review and billing processes of in-house compliance programs.

Analysis of revenue loss from medical need with recommended changes in follow-up procedures to ensure greater compliance.

Detailed analysis of billing and collection history to indicate areas of performance improvement opportunities.

Recommended changes to the fee schedule, provider arrangements, and investigation of CPT coding, and to address situations where a claim has been denied or insufficient payment has been made.

Operational review of billing functions to determine the suitability of systems and resources to execute activities.

Review of internal procedures with recommendations for streamlining patient registration, search for missing information, and collection effort.

Revenue Cycle Compliance Plan
Operational Evaluation

revenue cycle optimization and Operational Evaluation

The cost of our operational evaluation is estimated in advance based on the time required within the scope of the agreed work. If your practice decides to contract with Genesis RCS for additional billing services, the evaluation fee may be lower or pro-active.

We are confident that our detailed evaluation and follow-up recommendations will turn into major cost savings and revenue recovery opportunities for your practice.

Mike Stuart

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